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An Evening at Hang Up with PEG Vintage

This month Hang Up Vintage held an end of summer party which also showcased Ed Anthony's Nose Art painting (click here to read an interview I did with Ed)

It was great to see the shop up and running again after a flood had damaged parts of the shop and meant it had to close down for a couple of days.

Aside from seeing some of Ed's hand-painted badges and work he has done on leather jackets it was great to see a lot of familiar faces and of course their style, which I decided to document on that evening, which this post will concentrate on.

Ed (p.e.g_vintage): Custom painted G1 x Warehouse sweat x Bronson Deck Pants x Novesta pumps

Tom (unitedoverallsco): Stetson x Levi's Type 3 x Monsivaisco Shirt and Bandana x United Overalls ED-1's

David (@wornoutglobal) Hatters Anonymous x Black Horse Lane Ateliers Type 2 x 3 Sixteen ST-120x x Common Projects

Simon See: Labour Union Sport Field Jacket x Wabash Shirt x Salt and Pepper Trousers

Lex (@field_denim_workshop) Levi's Beanie x PBJ Type 2 x Lee Shirt x Levis 140 year Anniversary 501's

Bock: Hercules Chore x Mister Freedom Shipyard Chnios x Red Wing SuperSole

Illya: Stetson x Heller' Cafe Type 1 x Warehouse Shirt x Warehouse 700C

Ed's custom "Flying Circus 'King of the Heavies' The 380th Bombardment Group"

Power Couple; Ade and Sarah

Scott Fraser Simpson @scottfrasersimpson

Ben, store manager of Clutch Cafe

Bartosz @casualsnob

Lotty @lottyrose

Ricardo @moon.anchor.sun

Ben @hangupvintage

I'm sure you can agree there were some well-styled folks with a varied line-up of fits represented, which is a pleasure to share with you.

Look out for a feature will be doing on Ben and his fantastic store 'Hang Up Vintage', until then do yourself a favour and pop in and check out the treasures here.

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