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Sebago Keuka Moc's have landed in style

For a lot of us diehard boot fanatics, it can be hard to give up wearing our much-beloved foot armour during the warmer months of the year. Perhaps one of the challenges is finding appropriate footwear which doesn’t involve opting for the dreaded sandal. There is a lot to be said about leather being actually being more breathable than the synthetic materials used in sneakers people usually opt for during summer.

Keuka comes from the Iroquois word for "canoe landing"

In come these rugged suede moccasins from Sebago who've had a long and storied history in producing their footwear since the mid-'40s, which were inspired by Native American shoemaking techniques.

What I love about them so much is that basically remind me of my Red Wing Moc’s (8881), both obviously feature the iconic seam running around the top of the shoe, treated rough out suede, white cushioned soles and rawhide laces.

All in the stitch.

How these differer is that they are much more svelte with thinner leather, lightweight EVA Vibram sole and a much easier break-in which your feet will thank you for whilst your are strolling around the promenade looking for your next pit stop.

The other difference is that Sebago have used a rawhide lace to join the top and bottom of the front of the shoe instead of a normal waxed thread. This finishing is done by hand whilst the other parts of the construction process uses machines including Goodyear welt for the sole.

As you can see from the photo's the leather does appear different in certain shots, this was done on purpose so you the reader could see what to expect.

I decided to take these shots in different lighting conditions to give an overall impression of how the leather looks in real-life conditions.

What really surprised and impressed me with the Keuka's is their versatility whether I was sporting Chino's, Jeans or Fatigues.

I will look forward to giving them a proper road test of the course of this summer to see how they fare.

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