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Sons of Selvedge Podcast

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

I'm excited to share that I will be featuring on a brand new podcast which has just launched...

When I first got into the raw denim scene I came across the Worn Out Global crew, who were just starting to build a denim community in London. Ever since then we became friends and have managed to have regular meetups over the last 3 years.

All good ideas seem to start over a pint, one meetup we thought it would be awesome to have a podcast to share our love and passion for raw denim and other well-made goods with the global denim community. We hope that you will enjoy the podcast and welcome any feedback or questions which you may have.

In the first episode, we introduce ourselves and discuss the latest news in the denim world, what we have all been up to while in isolation and chat about our latest denim experiences.

The format will evolve with some episodes featuring industry guests and other crew members joining in from time to time.

The Team

Top L2R: @thegiuce , @kevinproctor , @illutz ,

You can find the Podcast on the below links, with more platform being approved as we speak.

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